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Perfect Search is a premier matchmaking service providing an elite, discrete and personalized search to help successful men find meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  We learn every aspect of client needs and commit an intensive search to screen and present a qualified match. You simply relax and enjoy meeting compatible, single women while your personal agent conducts your search.

Our service is for single men who want to be proactive about finding a partner but don’t want to play the dating game.  Perfect Search is not an on line dating service.  We are not a $29.95 shot in the dark.  We take the old fashioned, personalized approach to helping people find love. Perfect Search is for single men who are looking for one special woman and don’t have the time or don’t want to waste the time, finding her.


Our clients are high-earning single men aged 30 to 60 who are not willing to settle for less than their highest expectations. They have tried serial dating, dating services, social clubs and Internet dating, all to no avail, and have become frustrated with wasting time on the wrong women. They are serious about finding the right person and are ready for a life partner. They have decided to focus their search on their specific needs and desires with our help.

Our clients are great "catches". Don’t think that single men who hire a personal agent to help them find long lasting love are desperate and can’t get a date. Quite the contrary! Our clients are great looking, single men with successful careers who often have too many women clamoring for their attention, but not the quality women they know they deserve. Our clients hire us because they know they deserve the best.


Our candidates are beautiful, educated, single women concerned about health and fitness, and conscious of fashion and style. Many are models, or look like models. We are continually recruiting intelligent and grounded women into our pool every day. We don’t wait for candidates to come to us. Your personal agent works as your headhunter, actively searching and recruiting for you. We work closely with you to narrow a focused search. Let us do all the work.

Please email us for more information, or call 888-584-1937

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