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Clients with Perfect Search are winners.  They are superstars in their careers, but sometimes at the expense of their intimate relationships. Not afraid to succeed, they have made up their minds to add the final piece. By hiring Perfect Search, our clients complete the dream. A client once told me that a woman in love would crawl through broken glass for her man - that is the kind of love our clients seek.  Not ‘arm candy’ interested money or status and lifestyle, but a gorgeous woman, both inside and out, who will be there through thick and thin. Our clients seek the type of woman who will let them be vulnerable and still love them, and let them be a king or a clown and still love him. This type of love makes a successful man an even more powerful man. He has ultimate wealth through intimacy with a partner who loves him in the deepest, most passionate and most sincere way. This is our magic and our gift to you.

"I provided Melinda with very specific criteria and she found me a wonderful woman.  I absolutely never would have met her without Perfect Search.  Definitely worth using, even for the pickiest man".  

"Everything is great; we are very happily married and have a baby on the way". 

"I think our first date was in early August...we saw each other a couple of times a week for a little while and now we seem to be together every day & night.  (when we're not traveling…which is a lot).  We do almost everything together.  It's also great that he lives 2 blocks from me!"

"Bottom line is I'm over the moon for him.  If you ask me, it’s a perfect fit". 

"…the greatest part is that I am so attracted to her… and we are also so compatible - on every level.  She is sexy, engaging, interactive, fun, and sweet -It was a perfect search!"

"Bob and I are doing very, very well together. You have given us a wonderful gift. Thank you".

"... I wasn't sure what to expect....but your professionalism and the way you conducted yourself.....made me feel right as ease (as you know...I can be shy at first)."

"I very much enjoyed meeting you, and I felt comfortable with that - I’ll admit, it surprised me to feel comfortable with that discussion!"

"To you, Melinda, the first day we met and talked you said you had one  girl in mind, but that you had not spoken to her in 2 years.  That  girl was her.  With your insight and evaluation of the man I am  and what I desire and want to give - you have opened a new door to me  - thank you.  I don't know what the future may hold, but my gratitude is great to you for introducing me to her."

"Stephanie is a great gal! We met and have been out on a number of dates since then. She is very kind and considerate person as well as being very attractive with a fantastic sense of humor and wit.  She is just the type of person I have been looking for. Thank you very much for introducing us! Great start..."

"If I were to have closed my eyes and imaged the perfect fit for me, it couldn’t have been better.  You hit it out of the park the first try.  Thank you for your ability to read us both and detect a perfect match."

"I didn't know that there was help until I was contacted by Perfect Search. What a great concept.  They interviewed me. Then they went to work finding a match for me based on what I wanted.  The randomness of dating was a thing of the past.  What a relief."

"With the help of Perfect Search I have found love and we have been married for over a year."



Melinda Maximova


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