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Bachelor, Brian Gramo
Bachelor, Brian Gramo

Brian is 30 years old, 6'2". 200 lbs, never married, no children, wants both. He lives in Santa Monica and is CEO of, a live, interactive, web based television program.
Our Eligible BachelorBachelor, Brian Gramo

Bachelor, Brian Gramo
Emily MorseEmily Morse

Radio talk show host live on Alice , 97.3 fm Sunday nights, never married, no children, lives in San Francisco and LA
Carolyn SchusterCarolyn Schuster

Bridal hair dresser and make up artist living alone in San Jose, CA. Never married no kids, wants both
Victoria LeeVictoria Lee

Assistant nurse manager for Kaiser in Marin county. Lives with her 18 month old son in San Rafael, CA.
Here are the voting results for episode 13:
94 votes for Emily Morse
78 votes for Carolyn Schuster
83 votes for Victoria Lee
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